(updated) Kodi On Xbox One Download Available Now – 18.0-Alpha 1 Release

Is Now On Xbox One, The Wait Is Over Head Over To The Store And Search “Kodi” And Grab The “18.0-Alpha 1” Release.

Please note that if you do not see this in the store, give it time as it will be made available for everyone right now its being pushed to certain region… I will have video/videos on this once it hits my xbox.

I don’t know if will be able to add repos/import zips or do anything like this as the xbox is able to read usb devices so this could be a total shit version that is locked down… or open how it is on the pc.. as this is a UWP app which it should have everything that the windows store version for pc has.


if you guys cant get it via the xbox, sign into xbox account on website and search kodi then “hit install to xbox” and then check ready to install via xbox games and apps and install it


  • can add repos
  • can install addons from repos
  • works on all versions of the xbox one
  • plays media fine (if can find any)


  • kodi xbox app wont read usb device
  • trying to install some repos/addons will lock your device
  • when closing kodi from a lock up and trying to open  it again you get a nasty error,making you wait few min to try again
  • cant add real debrid to resolver errors up (for me at-least) you have to dig for a working copy which i will not tell you where to get it tho it does work.

to sum this up is it a good app yes, how ever with the changes that have come to kodi with dev’s leaving and such things will not be fixed or tweaked to run on the xbox one… so your not so legal 3rd party addons will not work how they should as things are broke and wont be fixed (even if koditv does fix this version up does not mean stuff will work how it should), get a android box or stick to legal streaming services cause this took to long to come out and will not hold no value to most.

With that said if you do legal stuff this is a fully working app and will make you very happy… as it can work as a media center how its supposed to cause you can also run plex on the xbox one something you guys should look into.

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