iDevice Telling You That Your Running Out Of Space? Here’s What To Do (They Support Android Also)

So as the prices for iphones with more storage just keep going up and up burning a hole in everyone’s pockets. Some of us opt for smaller space units to save on money but later down the road after adding your favorite apps and games you notice that you cant take a lot of pics or videosĀ  andĀ  it sucks.

I my self had missed funny moments or great moments that should of had a video or picture and couldn’t cause my device was full.

Well this stops now cause of Devices like iBridge By Leef.. This is a addong for you phone that allows you to save pictures and videos to it or capture right to the device. Your able to back up your contacts to it, save movies and music and documents to it and play them back within the leef bridge app. This is a huge space saver.

The sizes they have are 16,32,64,124,256 GB. The bigger the better, Here is a video I did reviewing the first generation of the unit. (They support Android Also)

Leef iOS Products

Leef Android Products

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