APTOIDE – HOST APKZ FOR FREE/FIND Any Apk – Share Apks,Modded Apks,Media Apks (STOP USING DroidAdmin/APKTIME And Others)

I made this video cause I did notice no one cared for my apk list cause I didn’t offer Tv Zion/Terrarium TV/Show-box/Tea tv And many others well now you don’t need anyone… You do not need to use droidadmin/apktime or any other bullshit loaded apk that has stuff you download.. You can be your own host and for free, You download and upload apks to your store which you can have open or private – private you setup a login and send info to people you want to be able to get in. You can even use this when you have added apks to your store if you follow or don’t follow others but go to the apps tab you can even update some of your apks to newer versions that others have uploaded.

I did this video cause so sick of seeing scumbags think they are gods and they are not.. all them cash in via ads and cause every tom dick a harry has reviewed and uses the apks they have that list the apks you can find and get for free its getting stupid.

Here is link to aptoide you can install this and search for any apk you want without making a store, or can make a store and become a host and even upload your own apks here from phone/box or use the pc and download ones have saved on pc.


Site below are used to get modded/ad free/and more apks and  yes can find any media one here.




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